A running race in a few clicks? We can do that.

One platform, endless possibilities. Advanced race search. Easily register and connect with similarly motivated runners with similar performance. A powerful tool for race organizers. Join, and you're all set.

More than 2,000 races and new ones added every day! We don't stop. Get ready for more sports coming soon. Here we go!

What do we bring to the participants?

Database of races and events 

Discover the largest database of running events and races. Find your ideal race with advanced filtering based on your performance and preferences. Join now!

Registration in just a few clicks

No more listing contact details over and over again. Register for races in just a few clicks and have your running season at your fingertips.

A unique community of users

Actigo is a place for those who want to be part of a community with the same interests. You'll find new friends to motivate, motivate and compare results with.

Become part of the community of athletes on Actigo!

One place where you can find almost everything

The organizer will communicate with you via the Actigo app and you no longer have to check your emails, Facebook or Instagram. You have all the results in one place.

Connecting with the outside world

Do you use Strava or Garmin? You can easily connect them to the Actigo app, but that's just the beginning.

What do we bring to the organisers?

Easier and cheaper

Actigo will definitely save you time in preparing and organising your race, we will simplify everything considerably. We take care of registrations, connect to your timing system.

We connect race organizers with their participants.

Download Actigo... everything is always in your pocket!

Join the largest database of running events and races in the country. Manage your events, registrations and payments in one place. Engage with the running community using modern communication channels. Attract new participants and make it easy for them to register. Be part of the modern and dynamic running scene.


Your race is part of the largest database of races. We will reach out to new potential participants on your behalf. Existing ones have an overview of all the essentials and are kept informed of changes and important dates. We can effectively promote your race to those for whom it is suitable.

Modern communication

Through Actigo you can communicate directly with your participants, for example in case of organizational changes or urgent situations. They receive the race results instantly on their mobile phone.



We have been carefully planning the mobile datebook project for a long time and the entire Běhej.com team has been working hard to ensure that all our users have a smooth and pleasant experience when registering for races. We have tested, designed and refined the Actigo app to ensure maximum user experience and convenience. Our goal is to provide users with instant access to race results and running activities, all in one place with a single click.

We are pleased to introduce the Actigo app whose first phase is finally underway. You can download it on your mobile and you can already register for races, track them, connect with friends and new runners. We are continuously adding new features, so stay tuned!

Races are added to the app daily. We are actively communicating with organizers to ensure their registrations are open in the Actigo app. We look forward to adding more endurance sports and community features to the app soon.

Our ambitions are high and we look forward to our users using the Actigo app to search and register for races every day. Let's motivate each other to achieve even better results together!

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We will be happy to help you personally with everything. Actigo understands specific needs, which is why we emphasize the individual approach and flexibility of our technical and user support.

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You don't want to install anything? You don't have to, you can use Actigo in any browser on both your tablet and computer. This is especially appreciated by organizers when managing races, which is more convenient on a larger display.

Jaroslav Hercík

timekeeper (Prima Run)

I like the ability to communicate with all participants in one place and in real time.

Pavel Novotný

race organizer (Poříčanské jelito)

Actigo helped me to publicize a local race that had 35% more participants. 

Zuzana Kotěšovcová

runner, influencer

It finds me a race according to my favourite parameters, with one click I register, pay and see my friends who are also running.



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